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Baykon BX1 Weighing Indicators

BX1 Weighing Indicator is very accurate, versatile, general purpose instrument, available in different housings, meeting the industrial demands for various environmental conditions.
The instrument is approved by Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with 10000 and 2×6000 intervals according to OIML R76. Large 6 digit LED weight display (red 20 mm / panel type 14 mm) with weighing status information.
With a wide variety of interface options, various calibration features including electronic calibration and up to 60000d display resolution, BX1 is a perfect fit terminal for weighing process control systems.

-OIML10000e and 2 x 6000e approved
-20 mm LED display
-x10 key for high resolution
-1.000.000 keypad test
-Standard RS-232C port
-Battery option

2 type industrial boxes
-Desk and wall types;
-IP30, aluminum cast
-IP65, full stainless steel
Panel type;
-IP65 stainless steel front panel, aluminum body

External programming
-Easy programming and calibration via RS-232C port by BAYKON “INDFACE” software,
-Header and footer for label can be loaded from PC.

eCal – Electronic Calibration
Calibration without test weights
-Big advantage to calibrate a high capacity tank, silo or any weighing system calibrations.

System integration
-2. serial port RS-232C
-3. serial port RS-485, RS-232C or 20mA CL ASCII
-Ethernet TCP / IP
-Modbus RTU / TCP
-Opto-isolated parallel 3I / 3O
-Analogue output (0-10 V / 4-20 mA)
-Binary output

Accuracy classIII
EU type approval10.000 intervals (single range) or 2 X 6000 intervals (multi range)
10.000 intervals (single range) or 2 X 6000 intervals (multi range)% 0.0015 FS ; ≥ 2 ppm/°C
Display6 digits, 7 segments, LED red, 20 mm high (Panel type 14 mm high)
Status annunciatorsGross, net, motion, centre of zero, weighing ranges, information, power, unit
Keyboard8-key membrane, with tactile feedback
Key lockBasic weighing related key can be locked against unauthorized access
Type24 bit Delta-Sigma ratiometric ADC
Conversion rateMaximum 100 measurements per second
Minimum input voltage0.4 V per interval legal for trade; 0.1 V per interval non approved
Analogue input range0 mV – 18 mV 
ResolutionInternal up to 8.000.000; display up to 60.000 counts
CalibrationStandart: By etalon weights via keys or serial eCal: Electronic calibration without etalon weights
Digital filter10 step adjustable digital adaptive filter
Weighing functionsTaring, zeroing, auto zero tracking, motion detection, auto-zero at power-up
Other functions Label number, total, gross, tare indication
Set points3 set points, programmable (needs I/O board is an option)
TiltingInhibits weighing when scale is tilted (needs I/O board option)
Serial interfaceRS-232C, 1200…57600 baud, programmable
Alibi memoryOptionally available; 74880 records or 149760 records
Excitation5 VDC, max. 100 mA
Number of load cellsUp to 6 load cells 350 or 18 load cells 1100 in parallel
Connection4 or 6 wire technique. Cable length 274 m/mm² for 6 wire connection
Operation temperature-10 °C to +40 °C legal for trade;
Humidity85% RH max, non-condensing.
EnclosureAluminum cast desk type (IP30), panel type (front panel IP65) or stainless steel housing (IP65)
Power supply230 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 24 VDC (max. 12 VA)

Stainless Steel

Panel Type