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BX21 Weighing Indicator

BX21 is low cost, high quality general purpose weighing indicator in plastic housing. The instrument is approved by
Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with intervals according to OIML R76.
Weighing, Counting, Classifying and Dynamic Weighing for animals are standard operation modes. It has 100 Average Part Memories for Counting and 100 product memories for
Under, Ok, Over Status bars and programmable buzzer for operator prompting are available is classifying mode.
Easy and practical operation via navigation keys with two programmable function keys and 25mm wide angle, multi colour back LCD display.
BX21 is powered by AC power adaptor and re-chargable Li-ion long life battery. Stand and wall mount accesories are available.

Standard Features
-25mm wide angle LCD display with back light

-OIML approved

-Up to 30000d display resolution

-2 programmable function keys and navigation keys provide easy operation

-Linearity correction

-Li-ion long life rechargable battery

-Multi-language ticket

-Accumulated weighing

-RS-232C data output

-2nd RS-232C port option

-Stand and wall mount accessories

Basic Weighing Mode
Multiple tare
-Auto tare
-Unit change
-Ticket with Date, Time,
Ticket no, Gross,
Tare & Net Weight

Counting Mode
-100 pcs Average Part
Memories (APW)
-APW optimization

-100 product memories
-Under, OK, Over Status
Bars on display
-Acoustic warning with buzzer

Animal Weighing
-Smart dynamic weighing algorithm for animal weighing

AccuracyOIML R76 Class III
EU Type approval6.000 intervals (single range) or 2 X 6000 intervals (multi range)
Resolution16.000.000 internal, up to 30000d display resolution
Weighing unitsg, kg, oz, lb
Unit changeIf enabled, g-oz and kg-lb change by pressing function key
Display112x40mm extra wide angle backlighted LCD with 25mm digit height
BuzzerDifferent buzzer mode for operator promting in classifying mode
Auto power offProgrammable for saving battery life
TaringSelectable as no tare, multiple, automatic and tare-clear in sequence
FilterSelectable as very low, low, medium, high and very high
G/N selectionIf enabled, G/N indication by pressing function key
Totalizing2 x seperate memories for weighing and counting
OperationSampling or using Average Part Memory (APW), APW optimization is available
APW memory100 different parts
Sampling quantitySelectable as 10,20,30,50,100 pcs
Product memory size100 different products
Operator promptingUnder, OK, Over status bars on display and programmable buzzer
Dynamic Weighing 
Animal weighingSupported by smart dynamic weighing algorithms
Weight Ticket 
Ticket formatProgrammable for different weighing modes. It may include Date, Time, Ticket No, Gross, Tare and Net weights
Date formatProgrammable as, mm.dd.yyyy or
Printout languageEnglish, Turkish, German, French, Spanish
Print Samples 
InterfaceRS-232C standard. 2nd RS-232C is optional
Data outputDemand, Continuous and Fast Continuous
HousingABS, IP30 protected, 220x110x55 mm in sizes
Mounting accesoriesAs standard for stand and wall mount accesories are available
Power100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz adaptor
Battery2000mAh Li-ion, up to 36 hours continuous operation for single load cell and 24 hours continuous operation for 4×350 Ohm loadcells.