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BWI-CSA Crane Scale

BWI-CSA Model crane scales are specially developed for hanger type weighing applications. Its practical and easy-to-use products due to their battery and convenient transportation.

The industrial type remote control with ergonomic keypad provides the user with the most efficient operation. CSA series with 3 different capacity options for different industrial conditions, has a light structure. So it can be carried easily and does not force the user in the place of application.

LED display can be read easily even from long distances. BWI crane scales have high precision and reliability. Weigh the lightest parts in the most accurate way and keep the error rate at the lowest level.

Remote Control
• With the control with ergonomic keypad, operations such as tare, reset, open, close can be performed in a simple way
High Battery Life
• BWI-CSA model crane scale keeps the working time at the top level with the long lasting rechargeable battery. Stand-By feature allows up to 60 hours of operation