LAC Weigh Module for Compression Type

Functional Features

Baykon LAC Weigh Module is designed for Tank, Silo, Reactor and Conveyor Scales. It is a low height design can be used ring type BR200S, BR110/110S load cells. Thanks to integrated anti-lifting mechanism allows safety installation without load cell to prevent load cell damage during installation and welding work. Levelling plate provides protection against minor lateral forces. However, FlexROD connection can be used when additional security is needed.

Anti-Lifting Bolts with Anti-Lifting Nuts and Fixing Nuts are used to lock module to install without load cell. After installation, locking nuts are taken to their proper positions. Levelling plate helps proper positioning of module. It also provides protection against minor lateral forces. LAC is available as painted, galvanized or 304/316 quality stainless steel types.

Key Features
– Capacities from 1t up to 47t.
– Allows installation without load cell.
– Easy and practical load cell replacement.
– Integrated lift up protection.
– Levelling plate provides protection against
minor lateral forces.
– Optional FlexROD for extra safety if needed.
– Painted, galvanized steel models are standard.
– 304/316 Quality Stainless Steel as Option.

Functional Features

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